Sunday, July 18, 2010

Home again

I have managed to return from Tamworth relatively unscathed, but as always with going home my self confidence has lost ground and is a little more shaky. At the moment the problem seems to be that I don't regain my footing before I go back. So my confidence just keeps getting kicked while its down.

It's been a big week in term of trying to find out where it is I'm going, to be honest I still don't know, but a pathway is forming ahead of my eyes just as a plan is forming within my mind.

My garden is screaming out for me. I've abandoned it in fear of how hard it will be to leave it if leave it I must. But I've come to realise that abandoning things just because they may end is not the right way to go through life. So I'll be out in the garden again soon.

For today, food shopping, so my family doesn't starve. But for now, just listening to Toddy pluck out his Mozart from last semester on the guitar I bought him about three years ago.


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