Monday, July 12, 2010

Beauty in the Breakdown

Today darkness surrounds me. The new moon has risen and the sun, eclipsed, offers no light.

Darkness surrounds my thoughts too:


Today I truly walk with the Dark Mother. Through the shadows we journey during this dark night, knowing that dawn will come, having faith that we have not been forsaken by the light.

Today I am Persephone as I travel to the Underworld. When I return I shall hold the seeds for a brighter tomorrow.

And yet

Today I am alone.

And alone I breakdown, break apart, break away.

Spinning, I fragment in the darkness as facets of my being fall away. Some facets are ripped clean, torn from my existence like and ill fitting skin. The faster I spin, the more I lose until I am afraid that when I stop there will be nothing left.

And still I cannot cease.

My falling shards shine like fractured glass, a splintered mirror, a shattered truth, a broken dream.

Today I embrace the dark veil. I am the Morrigan. I am the battle Raven. I am Lillith.

Today I am a thing of terrible radiance.

Because the truth is

There is perfection in the breakdown.

The beauty of the rain is how it falls.

Today I welcome the shadows so that Tomorrow may see the light.

Tomorrow my seeds shall grow.


  1. Feeling the same, honey - big *hugs* to you x♥x

  2. Am also feeling the same. Although my faith that things will get better, must get better, isn't quite there. Right now I need results not more faith. -sigh-

  3. The way I see it is that we must walk through the dark to appreciate the light, and I'm sure that we'll be super appreciative of the light when it comes back. There seemed to have been a lot of dark energy around yesterday, here's hoping that things lighten up soon. Daya your results will be excellent you're too smart for them not to be (and hopefully we are talking about the same sort of results :P).

    Big hugs to both of you
    Hell, big hugs to everyone



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