Saturday, March 6, 2010


So a good night tonight, the witches kitchen was small but cosy.

Letting go is forefront on the list of priorties, although I know from previous experience that I struggle with it. But still I'm happy to sleep in the bed that I made, I couldn't have chosen differently.

And I still have gratitude.

I'm grateful to the middle woman who passed on my message, grateful for her kind words and support.

I'm grateful for the one sister who stands beside me still and also for the sisters I will soon gain.

I'm grateful to my community, my place of learning where I feel accepted and valued.

I'm grateful to those who have left me, the lessons of life you have taught me have been invaluable.

I'm grateful for my Toddy. I love you.

And somehow when the pain seems to over take everything else I need to remind myself to be thankful, and not to take anything for granted.

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  1. always, at the end of even the deepest, darkest tunnel lives an angel named Faith- as you move towards her she shines brighter and brighter until all you can see is light.
    Faith. Everyone and everything happens for a reason xxxx


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