Friday, September 24, 2010

Where to stand

What is going on???

I'm thinking a lot about friends at the moment, those lost, those gained, those who I am no longer sure about where I stand with.

I am leaving for Sydney at the end of this year and I've decided I need to know where I stand with people because I need closure, and because I need to feel that I am not running away.

I really need a little confirmation that this path I'm beginning on will be good for me and for Toddy. That this big leap I'm making is for the best. So if anyone has any insights for the cards, or guides, or intuition, or anything really please let me know...

Where do I stand with you?
Where do you stand with me?
Do we know??

1 comment:

  1. ive always loved you rachele,and i wish you an todd all the best for what ever comes you way,xxxxxx
    chose a rune for you,the wynn rune,happiness is yours but you must be willing to work for must strive for balance an harmony,always look for solutions rather than dwelling on problems for happiness to last it must be based on truth an honesty,seek only what is good an right and only good fortune will follow you.blessed bee,xxxbee


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