Friday, September 10, 2010


So I seems that Sydney is what will be. For Toddy to do his masters, for me to finish my degree, for us to move on to the next chapter.


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  1. Wow. Massive change! Could you perhaps commute to Sydney instead of moving there? The rent there is extremely expensive and I honestly don't think it is doable unless you were both to get jobs and budget really well. I guess you could move to the central coast and commute also?
    What courses are you both interested in? I feel so out of the loop?! Will you still be doing something art-related?

  2. I know it is huge. It does look expensive too but there are places for around the 300 p/w mark that we could probably afford and budgeting is definately something that we have done before. Still though it is going to be hard.

    We did look at the idea of commuting but without private transport it really isn't viable as we'de be looking at at least 10 hours of travel per day from Newcastle.

    Toddy is looking at a Masters of Acoustics and sound engineering (or something like that I can never quite remember the name) and I'll just be finishing the remaining two years of my Bachelor of Fine Arts, same degree just a different institution. Hopefully both at Sydney Uni.

    Don't worry about being out of the loop it's only been in the last few days after talking to the uni and parentals and such that it has even looked like a realistic possibility so its new for everyone. And nothing is at all set in stone yet, its all just a lot of of likely ifs buts and maybes.


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