Monday, January 10, 2011

It's been a long time...

It's been so long since I last posted on here ...

So so so so long.
So long in fact, that I really expected myself to close it when I opened it up just now.

But things in my life are changing in a very big way and I think that this blog may let me stay in contact with the handful of people that read it. People who I love, that are important to me, that I will miss.

I took big steps today.

Firstly, I closed my Yahoo account. Doesn't seem big? Well it was the last means of communication that I had with people who were once a major part of my life. I used to check that inbox many times a day, then only once a day, then once a week, then once a month until now, when I have finally given up waiting for that e-mail that is never going to come. Well I have finished waiting for you, all of you. That door is closed now, this ship has sailed. And it is your loss.

I also recieved news that an application I submitted for an apartment in Sydney was succesful, so it is off to the big smoke for me and Toddy. Toddy is going to study concurrent programs, a Diploma of Architectural Technology and a Masters of Design Science (Audio and Acoustics). He is so very very smart it astounds me. I manged to beat off 650 other applicants to get into the Sydney College of Arts to continue my study into visual arts. So Toddy and I will both be graduates of the University of Sydney, something I never really expected but I am happy with none-the-less.

I also have been packing and letting go of possessions today, something that is very hard for me. I'd like to say that home is wherever my loved ones are but in all honesty, feeling at home for me has an awful lot to do with having the things I love around me. Call me materialistic but as someone who as a child has moved more times then most adults, home is a difficult concept.

So its a new life all in all for me.
And my Toddy.

And I am so grateful.


  1. It's a very exciting time, indeed. Sending love and best wishes and looking forward to catching up with you before you move. x♥x

  2. I will read and care. You guys have such a life in front of you! x


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