Thursday, June 24, 2010


So just like that *click* last night I figured it out where I was going my "calling" if you will. Now I just have to take every opportunity I can get to get myself there. And opportunities already seem to be manifesting!

Anique was amazing, a beautiful and inspirational night. I learnt so much within and without myself.
Unfotunately things at home still aren't great. Sister has decided to take herself home early even though she knew in advance that our Yule celebration had been planned for Sunday. Apparently it is too tireing for her to leave on Monday and return Thursday so instead she is leaving on Saturday. And now I have an altar waiting, a tree set up, a bough of oak and holly slowly dying and a log waiting to be decorated. And I wonder if there was any point, any point in trying to share, trying to be a family, trying to have fun. I wonder if I will just end up taking it all down tomorrow. Is there really any point in waiting for her to return? Will she just find something more important than me again? Is there any point in celebrating Yule so late anyway???

I don't know.

Wow two blogs in a row ... amazing...


  1. honey you are fighting the universe again.....stop for a moment and think what it is trying to show/tell you......

    Lisa x

  2. *sigh* I seem to have a real talent for fighting the universe at every possible opportunity don't I? Oh well I'll get it eventually...

  3. I'm so sorry about your sister ducking out on you. I have two sisters. One, I have NO contact with, and the other sent me a hateful letter just this morning. I long for intimacy but don't know how to achieve it. As with your sister, it has to be a two way street.


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