Monday, August 16, 2010


Did you even stop to consider what would happen from this?
The effect it would have on you
On others
On me?

No of course not.

All I can say is, how selfish.
You forget that you are not the only person to suffer here.
And all the shit that comes up everytime you allow them near affects all of us.

Who is the one who holds back your hair when you vomit back the only thing you have managed to eat all day?
Who runs you a bath and talks through every pain and insecurity?
Who holds your hand as you walk through the painfull memories of long ago?
Who whispers quietly "what can we do?" "how did this happen?" at night long after you have fallen to sleep?
Who treads on eggs shells while you rebuild your shattered foundation?
Who praises you as you begin to progress again?
Who loves for your flaws rather then condemning you for them?
Who cringes inwardly when they find out you have invited them back in?
Who waits silently as the nausea sets back in all the while inwardly breaking down under the stress of being your carer?


Me, that's who. And the rest of your chosen family.

The same people who are buckling under the combined pressure of all our own problems and yours.

Why do I stay?
Because you are my friend,
My chosen family.
And I love you.
And you don't deserve the treatment you have recieved at their hands.
But neither do I,
Neither do I.

And yet look at what you condemn me to...

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