Monday, March 21, 2011


I cannot sleep, I cannot sleep,
For secrets wait amid the deep;
Secrets I do not wish to see,
Secrets that wear away at me.
I only wish that somehow you knew,
The damage that your secrets do.
That you could somehow understand,
That life is never what we planned.
So as the clock keeps ticking by,
And day floods light into the sky,
In reveries I sit alone,
My stomach filled with heavy stone.
And as I sit with bloodshot eyes,
I begin to realise,
It is your fault I cannot sleep,
For it's your secrets that I keep.
I cannot sleep.
I must not sleep.

By Rachael Allen


  1. Now is a good time for release. Look at making a poppet to represent those you are hurt by and then speak your words of forgiveness and burn the poppets. May their hold on you be forever released and may you find the peace in your head and heart that you need.

  2. Thanks Wendy, I might just give that a try!


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